Calvin Shane Anderson : Professional Poker Player

 He is a male professional poker player. He began with his poker career in the United States of America.

This is a very skilled and a sharp professional poker player. He plays the game with full of his skills and full of his enthusiasm. The game he is playing plays with full of his concentration and all of his playing tricks. This player is not yet satisfied with his earnings and his achievements in the game. He needs more and wants to achieve more in the game. When this player began as a new professional poker player at that time he had to face many problems but when he got professional and got more interest in the game he got good money and was happy at that time.

He chooses poker as his profession at a young age and was actually happy because he chooses the thing he loved as his profession and his source of income. He earned a good amount and is satisfied with the money but he wants to play more games and wants to be at a good position in the game. He belongs to Yunkon,OK, United States.

His complete name is Calvin Shane Anderson. He has16576 people talking about his playing skills and playing techniques. He is a very tricky player. He plays the new game with new tricks.

He has the total live earnings of $1319525 which is a good and a very satisfactory amount he has won his best live cash earnings are $190535 this was the best amount of cash he has won in his poker history and all the games he has played. He ranks at the 512th position in the United States all time money ranking list. He also ranks at the second position in the Oklahoma USA all time money list rankings. He ranks at the 495th position in the terms of popularity.