Calvin Shane Anderson : Professional Poker Player

 He is a male professional poker player. He began with his poker career in the United States of America.

This is a very skilled and a sharp professional poker player. He plays the game with full of his skills and full of his enthusiasm. The game he is playing plays with full of his concentration and all of his playing tricks. This player is not yet satisfied with his earnings and his achievements in the game. He needs more and wants to achieve more in the game. When this player began as a new professional poker player at that time he had to face many problems but when he got professional and got more interest in the game he got good money and was happy at that time.

He chooses poker as his profession at a young age and was actually happy because he chooses the thing he loved as his profession and his source of income. He earned a good amount and is satisfied with the money but he wants to play more games and wants to be at a good position in the game. He belongs to Yunkon,OK, United States. Continue reading Calvin Shane Anderson : Professional Poker Player

Chip stealing case: former poker dealer sentenced

A poker dealer who attempted skimming little amounts of the games he dealt in 2015 has been sentenced by a court in Cleveland. Randall White, who dealt poker games at the Horseshoe Cleveland, was given an 18 months probation sentence as well as two-hundred-fifty hours of community work for stealing a suggested $711 from the tables.


White faced up to 6 years behind the bars on felony gambling cases, a punishment he could be hit with if he fails to fulfill the conditions of his probation.
White admitted to the presiding judge that he stole the money in hopes of raising some extra cash to help cover his daughter’s legal fees. Perhaps in hopes of staying unnoticed, he tried taking the money in $5 and $10 increments and putting the chips in with the rest of his tips.
His gambit evidently broke down as he was caught. A tale posted on a leading website in July, last year, suggested that a dealer at Horseshoe had been caught while stealing chips as well as sliding them into his tip jar.

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iNinja Poker Leagues offer 45 WSOP Seats in the inaugural season

No poker player hailing from Minnesota won a bracelet in the last decade when the 2015 World Series Poker was inaugurated.

Buy the time the series ended the trend was shattered and two bracelets and almost a million dollars were won by the native players.  The Land of 10,000 Lakes, in a breakout series had won $1.5 million in prize money in the final tables running into double digits and the associated bracelets.
With iNinja Poker league providing an extra 45 seats this year to WSOP events it is going to be even grander in the inaugural season. The league of iNinja Poker began at Canterbury Park, Shakopee, Minnesota last August. There were three leagues that one can choose from that were holding three different price points as well as seats. It also had six main event seats and the event became a success in the opening season. The very first iNinja Poker Main Event hosted by iNinja had a $100,000 guarantee with a $675 buy-in.  It brought a total of 316 registrations which the organizers hope to increase when the next event with a $100, 000 guarantees starts from July 16 at Canterbury Park.
Poker league ideas are not new to the poker world and so are the satellites to the WSOP, hence the association of the two in a huge scale in the first year, particularly a new league in its first is unparalleled.

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Adrian Mateos Wins Grand Final Main Event And Poker Has A Spanish EPT Champion at last

The first Spanish champion was found on European Poker Tour when Adrian Mateos won on Friday night.

The twenty year old walked away with the largest victory in his poker profession, and it is the second major tournament he has won in his career. It took the season 11 end for the Spaniard to achieve this but he did it and also now he carries the two legs of the poker Tripe Crown on his head

In the final table results, Adrian Mateos took home €1,082,000 as the first place prize, and Muyedine Fares         from Senegal won €679,000 for his second place standing and Hady El Asmar from Lebanon took the third spot with a prize money amount of €486,000.

The last day of the EPT Grand Final Main Event of 2015 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino started with six-players on the final table and it was a tough bunch to beat. The most recognizable poker star at the table was Ole Schemion, who was prominent with the EPT Season 10 Player of the Year title, but others were equally good contenders. There was   Johnny Lodden, the Team PokerStars Pro, Mateos, the WSOP 2013 Europe Main Event winner, who is also second in the all time money list from Spain, and     the Polish regular, Jose Carlos Garcia, with lots of experience. Continue reading Adrian Mateos Wins Grand Final Main Event And Poker Has A Spanish EPT Champion at last

Michelle Chin: First Lady of Poker

Michelle Chin is the first lady to become the Main Event champion of the World Series of Poker Circuit. However, it was not easy to win it – it took her a total of 156 different trciks for her to take the title, and make a name for herself. By the end of the Horseshoe Council Bluffs sponsored $1,675 buy-in Main Event she was better off to the tune of $88,126 – not bad for a few days work!?
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Benjamin Pollack player with Excellence

Benjamin started his carrier in poker with great efforts and played at the world games.

Till today he has achieved success only because of his dedication and hard work in poker tournaments.  Benjamincame he saw and he conquered success. He is the only player that has titles as well as scores on his name in the entire poker tournaments. Benjamin is a poker player that has learned lot of things from experience as well from experts from this field. Benjamin has played at the Hold’Em poker event. This player has won 1 position at this event making difference between him and other poker player. Benjamin works hard to achieve success in each match He has also has zero bracelets in this game.

World Series poker tournament:

It is very difficult to score records in the world series of world poker games.He has shown this magic in very less time. He has scored $446,232 cashes in the entire world poker tournament. He is apoker player who has managed to get 10 cashes in the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who loves poker game for winning and for only winning cashes. Learning new techniques and winning matches are very vital for any poker player what he believes and not only believes and practices. He is a poker player with great excellence and adjusting the game to win huge cashes for him as well for the country and make game very much alive and focused for newpoker players.

World poker tournament:

Benjamin is a player who has $344,232 cashes in the world poker tournament. Master poker player who has 3 cashes in the poker tournament. He is the one player has seven made the game really interesting in the World Series as well at the world poker tournament. He has 2 final tables in the world poker series.