Zoning Board To Hold Hearing On Poker Proposed Extension Of Poker-Relocation Deadline

At the request of 14 poker-arcade operators for an extension of the deadline to relocate, The Zoning Board has decided to carry out a hearing.

Presently, the poker arcades are in residential villages, which is not the place to have a poker platform. According to law, the operators had time off until Oct. 25, 2017 to move to those districts where poker parlors are allowed. (more…)

2017 Poker Player Of The Year – Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson is assured to be crowned the 2017 World Series of Poker Player of the Year. The news was received in an announcement by the WSOP via Twitter on Monday, following the elimination of second-in-points John Racener from the final POY-eligible event of the year.

For his POY win, Ferguson will be offering an entry into the $10,000 buy-in WSOP Main Event next year and get his face on a banner that will be unveiled in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino with the other former WSOP Players of the Year and WSOP Main Event winners.

Ylon Schwartz- A Brief History

Professional games are very much present, where few games are never a dull choice at all. One such game is Poker. Poker professional players include endless players, where Ylon Schwartz turns much familiar for his winning of his first bracelet in 2012. Schwartz is a chess master and also a professional Poker player from New York City. Playing Poker is his hobby, which he used to play online under the name Tenth Planet. Being nicknamed as Tenth Planet, Schwartz has won 11 careers WSOP cashes. Also, Schwartz turned out to be the 4th place finisher in 2008 World Series of Poker.

Former chess player:
To tell about his early days, Schwartz was a curious chess player for which he has won 2 dollars right for his first game itself while playing chess. Slowly, Schwartz turned out to be playing chess against passersby. Schwartz turned reaching the hit list of playing Chess when his ratings reached 2304 from USCF and 2259 from FIDE as of 2008. Moreover, Schwartz turned winning the title of FIDE Master with a ranking above 2300. Schwartz turned out leaving the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he then started looking out his career in numerous places.

Schwartz joined as a special education assistant in a public school, where he started playing games like Chess. Later, he devoted his full time to play gambling on backgammon, chess, etc. Schwartz was introduced to play the Poker game by his fellow backgammon player. Schwartz entered a pair of Poker tournaments where he turned winning both the tournament in 2000 and walked away with pride and passion. Schwartz stated that the strategies followed in playing Chess helped him to play the Poker very successfully. It was the year 2012 where Schwartz won his pride winning bracelet in the 43rd annual World Series of Poker, prior to this, he has made highest finishes as well as 24 cashes.


Johnny Moss was one of the great poker players in the world. He is the first person to win WOSI poker game.  He won five to six championships. In the early age, he picked lots of poker strategies and applied for everything that he has learned for his poker games. Johnny Moss participated in a popular historical event in the poker. He won eight times in the World Series of Poker.  He did well in all the poker games on WSOP and won so many bracelets. As he is there from the beginning of the poker, he is known as the “Old man of Poker”. (more…)

McCain’s Poker game Scandal

It is sure that poker games are just not an addiction to the normal people who spend their hours in digging up money rather the black suited people carrying the burden of a country can spare their hourly vacation in their phone with a glass of wine for relaxation. Probably the fact of dignified people playing poker makes no big news but when McCain was found stealing an hourly leisure over his phone sitting in mid of a Senate Foreign relation committee, surely makes a big blast.

The news has been named as a scandal by many, but according to McCain it’s a method to steal your inner self from a busy mind. But the question remains the same, in mid of a meeting? McCain was trying to rob off from the eyes of crowd to spend his time playing a poker round in the meeting but couldn’t fool a reporter’s eye who caught him playing.

But McCain tries to manage up his verdict about the video captured by the reporter and says that the dollars shown are fake. Committee people were shocked to see the irrelevant video that could throw in attention of people on an important decision and the discussion that was in the background. The matter heating up was of intervention of the military in the in the present scenario of Syrian Civil war.  The committees speak up those acts of powerful congress leader sets an example to the nation. Moreover the curtaildiscussions like intervention of army were being discussed in the shade of an important member who was otherwise busy in playing his poker game. Also this act would encourage other Americans to play their gadgets in mid of an important discussion.

So, undoubtedly poker games are addictive but when played in the hands of an important man that too in the mid of a meeting is surely not- taken.

Party Poker Announces Open Communications

Leading poker site Party Poker has reportedly announced to initiate open communication with customers. The move is anticipated to ensure smooth transaction with the clients who were miffed with recent changes introduced by the Bwin Party’s virtual poker brand.

Bwin Party’s new director Jeffrey Haas made a frank and detailed post last week assuring the players that the major internet poker portal would henceforth follow a free, frank, open & regular communication with its virtual customers.

“As I have arrived, I safely ensure that “run deep, run silent” approach has already been scrapped out for good. It’s clear now. We are very sorry for silence on our part & would perform much better over time”, stated Haas.

However, it’s supposed to be the 1st & last post from Haas. The further postings would be carried out by another spokesperson from Party Poker who will work to clear the customers’ doubts & queries sent to the site. “Someone from my team has been entrusted to catalogue issues from thread & would follow-up in ‘official thread’ the coming week”, Haas shared with the sources.

It’s believed that the new mantra has been pushed in to force by the success of other bingo sites – William Hill has been open and honest with customers for many years, and now sits at the top of the tree.

The esteemed poker portal declared to alter the communication strategy after an open outrage by the customers on Party Poker’s player segregation scheme. This player segregation scheme was induced to separate & protect inexperienced and amateur players from sharks- but the customers have noted that smart clients always manage a route to get into the guarded player group & reap the benefits. This segregation strategy was introduced with any notification to the players in February.

The infuriated site players even declared a strike yet a day prior to the strike, Jeffrey announced to terminate Party Poker’s segregation scheme. The recent announcement from the company director seemed to have pacified the irked players and they have already postponed the strike.