Party Poker Announces Open Communications

Leading poker site Party Poker has reportedly announced to initiate open communication with customers. The move is anticipated to ensure smooth transaction with the clients who were miffed with recent changes introduced by the Bwin Party’s virtual poker brand.

Bwin Party’s new director Jeffrey Haas made a frank and detailed post last week assuring the players that the major internet poker portal would henceforth follow a free, frank, open & regular communication with its virtual customers.

“As I have arrived, I safely ensure that “run deep, run silent” approach has already been scrapped out for good. It’s clear now. We are very sorry for silence on our part & would perform much better over time”, stated Haas.

However, it’s supposed to be the 1st & last post from Haas. The further postings would be carried out by another spokesperson from Party Poker who will work to clear the customers’ doubts & queries sent to the site. “Someone from my team has been entrusted to catalogue issues from thread & would follow-up in ‘official thread’ the coming week”, Haas shared with the sources.

It’s believed that the new mantra has been pushed in to force by the success of other bingo sites – William Hill has been open and honest with customers for many years, and now sits at the top of the tree.

The esteemed poker portal declared to alter the communication strategy after an open outrage by the customers on Party Poker’s player segregation scheme. This player segregation scheme was induced to separate & protect inexperienced and amateur players from sharks- but the customers have noted that smart clients always manage a route to get into the guarded player group & reap the benefits. This segregation strategy was introduced with any notification to the players in February.

The infuriated site players even declared a strike yet a day prior to the strike, Jeffrey announced to terminate Party Poker’s segregation scheme. The recent announcement from the company director seemed to have pacified the irked players and they have already postponed the strike.

7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud was previously the best well-known range of poker, till Texas Hold’em had taken its crown. It is actually quite unique from equally Texas Hold’em and the Omaha and it also needs a particular quantity of patience. Even so, it is really an interesting game that could be very worthwhile!

Prior to the game begins, every player need to post a ‘bet’, a compulsory amount of money that guarantees there is really a money within the pot. In stud poker activities, there are actually no ‘group’ cards. Rather, the dealer starts by interacting clockwise until finally every gamer has three cards. The initial two cards are dealt out facing down (‘opening’ cards), the third facing up (the ‘entrance’ card).

7 Card Stud is separated into five circuits of gambling, and the gambling movements clockwise all around the table. If there is two or even more players tie by having equally-strong successful five-card hands, the pot is going to be divided between the tying or braiding players. If you can find an unusual chip, it can be provided to the player where the hand has got the higher match.

Players are getting a lower-ranking up card begins the game having a small bet known as the ‘bring-in’. (If more than one participant holds the same smallest card, the bring-in is established by fit in alphabetical sequence: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades).

Third Street

As soon as the bring-in bet amount has become made, every gamer (beginning with the entire player on the left in the bring-in) will call, fold or increase to the bet limit.

Fourth Street

Everybody is dealt out a different up card. At this stage, the gamer using the greatest two up cards begins the bets. With this round of bet only, when a player receives an open pair, the person could make a dual bet.

In the fifth and Sixth Street the players can be getting the chance to deal out with another up cards. Here the players with the higher combination of the cards get the chance to begin.

Brian Rast

As a young poker player, Brian Rast is renowned for his dedication for the game and also his will to keep on winning and earning. Basically from Denver, Colorado, Brian Rast spent most of his growing years at Poway, California, where he finished his high school education. From here on he moved to complete his education at the Stanford University, where he found his attachment for the game of poker. When in the college, he was introduced to the game and the attraction was so severe that he left his education to start playing the game on a full time basis. All his energy and vigor for the education was transformed to the game of poker. He loved to analyze the game and then move forward in his strategy.

His dedication to the cash games made him a great winner in this arena and took him to places where he had only dreamt of. Moving from one place to another, he eventually moved to Brazil with formed a family and this is where he eventually settled. Once he learnt the language and took to the place, he started concentrating on the game and winning it. His love for the place grew as the days passed and soon, his winnings also increased. The year 2010 saw him winning two high stake games and this is where he began a great career in the game of poker.

From one tournament to the other, he just started leaving his mark and thus encashing into some of the greatest games of the era. His competitors were a long list of champions who just loved the game and had more experience than he had. This was the time when he won at the final tables at one of the major events and gained the spotlight as one of the greatest emerging players.

Interesting Poker Game

Pineapple Poker game is one of the interesting games played by several poker players all over the world. This game offers few of the difficult choices and options to poker players. In it player has to deal with three of the hole cards, and player throw away one card from the suit of three cards on completion of second betting table round. Here, player has to make pair from combination of two of the left hole cards hold by the player after throwing one card in the center of the table.

The first player sitting on the left side of the table dealer button have to post a small blind, this blind should be equal of one-half to that of a small bet amount, and the player sitting on the left side of the small blind has to post a big blind amount; likely each player will receive three hole cards and it will be face down on the center of the table or board. With this process on the game board, the player has to make suit of five cards.

In the second betting round, each player raises their bets with $2; in the center of the table dealer will flop three cards. At this stage, another betting round begins and after it gets over, each player holding cards in their hands will discard one of the hole card. From this stage onwards the game hand played is exactly same as it is played in Hold’Em poker game. On display of fourth card by the dealer in the center of the table, now the turn, next betting round and the bets are raised to the double than that of the first two rounds of the betting. Now it is time when dealer will flip the river card, and there is time of final betting round, and the players who left in displaying in their cards suits are declared as a winner.

The magician of poker

Poker has seen many players come and go with thousands of dollars as prize money. The veteran players pave the way for the new generation of fast paced players. Antonio Esfandiari is one of them, where he has entered the circuit with a bang. As one of the most upcoming poker players, his talent and expertise has made him a name to reckon with in the current circuit. Basically from Tehran, Iran, he was born with the name of Amir Esfandiari. Later, he changed his name to Antonio Esfandiari because of various reasons after he moved to San Jose, California. An excellent and brilliant student right from the childhood, Antonio learned the ropes of survival at a very tender age.

His interest in poker was developed as an extension of his love for magic tricks. When he was earning his living by working as a waiter, he saw one of his co-workers performing a magic trick and was very intrigued. He decided to learn the tricks of magic and went to a shop to buy the goods for the trick. This began a sizzling career and by the time he was twenty years of age, he was a through professional and was performing magic tricks for a packed audience.

This was the age when he also started playing poker games and he soon became an expert at this too. He started learning the tricks of the game and wanted to be a master before playing professional games. As per his attitude, he wanted to learn all the pros and cons of the game so that he could win the games he played.  His eye for detail is what makes him a successful poker player. The game has given him both money and prestige and has provided him with a completely satisfactory career. His career is still young and he is sure to see many more final tables in the coming days.

Musumeci Joins the Team Bodog

Amanda Musumeci started poker while she was attended Kutztown University. She studied Mass Communications and Speech. She has extremely enhanced her capacity in poker game and she developed herself during her school days. Eventually she made herself prepare for playing the tournament. After completing her graduation she was invited to Aussie Millions by one of her friends. She met with a woman named Anna. Amanda got the place under the wings of Anna and got place for living and gathering the talent of poker game.

She gained several numbers of strong scores in several poker games including Full Tilt Poker. She collected $150K for $26K. More than that, in Sunday Mulligan she finished 5th for $15K. She is known as the manderbutt on Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars. Becoming the newest member she commented that she has a huge amount of experience on online poker games and she has a vast number of friends network of friends on the internet for playing online. Her online friends are youth, intelligent and have good determination. She mentioned that she is cute and she can express it modestly. She expressed that the recent decade is the time for the women poker players who love to enjoy the life and earn cash with intelligence.

According to her the Bodog is growing up and it is showing innovative trends in the poker games. Amanda loves outdoor activities. She expresses that she not only loves the tables but also dancing, cooking, camping and shooting pool. In the recent times she lives in Las Vegas. She knows how to enjoy the life and she is spending most of her times playing online. She loves to spend time performing events. In this way she is proving herself as an active member of the team in these days.