GPI Adjusts POY Scoring System

Many voices of the Poker world said that there are issues with the current scoring system.

And after a year working on the concern raised by players, the Global Poker Index announced that they are making changes in their scoring system. The scoring system will be used in the Player of the Year competition.

In 2016, the (SHRE) Super High Roller Events and a number of High Roller championship started at $25,000 and was allowed to go as high as $100,000. Even more than that, this became an issue for both the (GPI) Global Poker Index’s POY race and organization’s standing and charts. This includes CardPlayer Magazine.

In some of the cases, poker players were making their points in events of these types, that events, which used to have smaller fields. It was easier to make the points here in comparison to the championships that used to have players large in number for the lower buy in.

Bryn Kenney has a shop in Las Vegas and used to play every one of the Super High Roller and Aria High Roller championship. In POY listing, he spent most of the year in the Top Ten. Kenney would finally end the year of being out of top ten lists in the two major races of POY. Not the Kenny but other players also had large point totals because of the buy-ins. Another instance of similar type is, Cary Katz, in the POY race, he made into the Top Ten on the CardPlayer Magazine. This he did at the end of the year due to the end of Aria event; it was a runner up, a win, and a third-place. This happened between the December 29 and 31. The authorities are looking into the matter and will come out with a better scoring system, making more changes in the future without depressing the existing players.