Johnny Moss was one of the great poker players in the world. He is the first person to win WOSI poker game.  He won five to six championships. In the early age, he picked lots of poker strategies and applied for everything that he has learned for his poker games. Johnny Moss participated in a popular historical event in the poker. He won eight times in the World Series of Poker.  He did well in all the poker games on WSOP and won so many bracelets. As he is there from the beginning of the poker, he is known as the “Old man of Poker”.

Throughout the Poker career he has won $6, 80,000. He has been voted many times as a best player by the people. In the year of 1970 he won the championship in poker game. Again in1971 he got the world championship and cased about $30,000 then gained $10,000 in ace draws.  After so much of struggles he earned $1, 60,000 in the world level championship game. He won thrice in the seven card poker game and cashed $13,000, $48,000 and $33,500.

The achievements of Moss are actually endless and win championship many times. He is the one who is best in cheating the game and play and in a tricky way. He has also created a revolution in the Poker world and the other players had a tough game when they played with him. He spent his entire lie in playing poker game and earned lot of money through it. He not only earned but also later in his olden days he coached so many poker players, the tricks about this game. He managed his poker gambling life in a successful way with more pride and popularity. Even though he died his name and fame still lives in our heart.