McCain’s Poker game Scandal

It is sure that poker games are just not an addiction to the normal people who spend their hours in digging up money rather the black suited people carrying the burden of a country can spare their hourly vacation in their phone with a glass of wine for relaxation. Probably the fact of dignified people playing poker makes no big news but when McCain was found stealing an hourly leisure over his phone sitting in mid of a Senate Foreign relation committee, surely makes a big blast.

The news has been named as a scandal by many, but according to McCain it’s a method to steal your inner self from a busy mind. But the question remains the same, in mid of a meeting? McCain was trying to rob off from the eyes of crowd to spend his time playing a poker round in the meeting but couldn’t fool a reporter’s eye who caught him playing.

But McCain tries to manage up his verdict about the video captured by the reporter and says that the dollars shown are fake. Committee people were shocked to see the irrelevant video that could throw in attention of people on an important decision and the discussion that was in the background. The matter heating up was of intervention of the military in the in the present scenario of Syrian Civil war.  The committees speak up those acts of powerful congress leader sets an example to the nation. Moreover the curtaildiscussions like intervention of army were being discussed in the shade of an important member who was otherwise busy in playing his poker game. Also this act would encourage other Americans to play their gadgets in mid of an important discussion.

So, undoubtedly poker games are addictive but when played in the hands of an important man that too in the mid of a meeting is surely not- taken.