Michelle Chin: First Lady of Poker

Michelle Chin is the first lady to become the Main Event champion of the World Series of Poker Circuit. However, it was not easy to win it – it took her a total of 156 different trciks for her to take the title, and make a name for herself. By the end of the Horseshoe Council Bluffs sponsored $1,675 buy-in Main Event she was better off to the tune of $88,126 – not bad for a few days work!?

When the event had finished, Michelle Chin was very happy and excited as well – expressing her excitement and happiness to the media and also saying that she felt great! She also said that this was (almost certainly) only the 10th tournament that she had participated in her life, and that making such history was an amazing experience.

Michelle Chin lives at Wichita, Kansas, and when shes not on the poker circuit she can be found on the internet playing poker online! She was the biggest chip winner of the 235 entry field, and she received a big share of $352,500 prize pool. There were a number of the hurdles that she had to cross them – one of these hurdles was clash with Mike Lang while another one was the challenge presented by Jesse Wilke, who had been the champion of Lake Tahoe Main Event of Harvey.

Besides those two, there were another 25 finishers who received some amount of money back from the pot – whilst the large buy-in made sure that only the most competitive of players took part. Chris Karambinis was able to secure 11th place and received $6,599, whilst Eric Rodawig received $5148 at 14th place, Alex Masek got $4,508 at 17th place, and Blair Hinkle got 20th place and won $3,803.

When the second day of the game was finished, there remained only 4 other players left in the competition with Chin; however, there were a big differences in their stack of chips between the other players and Chin – she had almost a half of all the chips! The others held out, and it was only on the third day when Chin reached 1,805 million with just a few plays left – compared to Lang who had just over a million and Wilke who was on 900,000. A few tricks later, and she was the Main Event champion!