Michelle Chin: First Lady of Poker

Michelle Chin is the first lady to become the Main Event champion of the World Series of Poker Circuit. However, it was not easy to win it – it took her a total of 156 different trciks for her to take the title, and make a name for herself. By the end of the Horseshoe Council Bluffs sponsored $1,675 buy-in Main Event she was better off to the tune of $88,126 – not bad for a few days work!?
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Benjamin Pollack player with Excellence

Benjamin started his carrier in poker with great efforts and played at the world games.

Till today he has achieved success only because of his dedication and hard work in poker tournaments.  Benjamincame he saw and he conquered success. He is the only player that has titles as well as scores on his name in the entire poker tournaments. Benjamin is a poker player that has learned lot of things from experience as well from experts from this field. Benjamin has played at the Hold’Em poker event. This player has won 1 position at this event making difference between him and other poker player. Benjamin works hard to achieve success in each match He has also has zero bracelets in this game.

World Series poker tournament:

It is very difficult to score records in the world series of world poker games.He has shown this magic in very less time. He has scored $446,232 cashes in the entire world poker tournament. He is apoker player who has managed to get 10 cashes in the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who loves poker game for winning and for only winning cashes. Learning new techniques and winning matches are very vital for any poker player what he believes and not only believes and practices. He is a poker player with great excellence and adjusting the game to win huge cashes for him as well for the country and make game very much alive and focused for newpoker players.

World poker tournament:

Benjamin is a player who has $344,232 cashes in the world poker tournament. Master poker player who has 3 cashes in the poker tournament. He is the one player has seven made the game really interesting in the World Series as well at the world poker tournament. He has 2 final tables in the world poker series.

Brian Rast, cool poker player

Brian Rast is from United States. Brian is a famous poker player. Brian started playing poker in the year 2005. In the year 2005 he played his first World Series of poker tournament in Las Vegas. In this event he was ranked 79th and won $3,290.

After this he played again played in Las Vegas and was ranked 24th and his wining prize was $15,500. Then in the year 2006 he played more three tournaments. This year for the first time he was ranked 1st in the Las Vegas tournament and had won $56,345. In the next two matches also he played very well. Then in the year 2007 he played more two events. This year also he was ranked 1st and 3rd in the tournaments and had won $25,700 and $101,230. Then in the year 2008 and 2009 he played more four matches, each year he played two events and was ranked quit good and had won a high amount of prize money.

Then in the year 2010 and 2011 Brian played more 8 events. In the year 2011 twice he was ranked 1st and had won the highest amount of prize $227,232 and $1,720,328. The in the year 2012 Brian played more seven events. This year he played five WSOP tournaments and had won one of the highest events. Then in the year 2013 he played more five events. This year Brian’s played quit well. This year his ranking was not too high but he was in highlight. This year he was again ranked 1st in the Las Vegas tournaments and had won $1,083,500. Continue reading Brian Rast, cool poker player

Jennifer Cowan : A Poker Player with Great Dedication

When you are playing any game it is very essential that you maintain the statistics of the game which you are playing.

The poker player who has excellent track record and has won many matches all over the globe and makes her famous .She is a player who has made the game really fabulous. When she plays the game she makes it very interesting and make sure that she plays the game with great efforts and win as many cashes .She is a player who has been entitled with the award at the world series of poker tournament. When she plays the game it is very excited and all the players like to watch the game.

She has won the title at the world series of poker tournament. She has $23,345 total cashes on her account. She has made the game very renowned in the ladies poker tournament. She has maximum skills that a lady poker player should have. We can see that she has not yet played at The European poker tournament. She is a player who has made live cashes in the world series of poker tournament. A player who loves to play for the game of poker .She has played at the hold’em event where she has won live cashes.

A poker player with great talent and efforts. One can learn new skills from her and make the game really worthy of winning. She is a player with great task skill and stature. A player who play vital role in important matches can for wining cash at all levels may it is international or domestic poker player. She has played for the social cause where she won those cashes and titles for helping hand of society. This contribution makes her famousworldwide poker player.