Paris In Company Of Moorman

Chris Moorman and Bryan Paris are keeping company.

The California based Professional Poker Bryan Paris had moved to Europe, this he has done to play online. According to PocketFives’ tracker, Paris has become the second player of poker who has surpassed the mark of $10-million in online tournament.

The Englishman poker player Chris Moorman, is the another pro who surpassed the mark of $10-million in online gaming. In his career till date Moorman has won more than $13.8 million in online tournament.

After Black Friday, player of poker (Many) left the US in and searched the new places where they could play their game comfortably, and do the activities that they have been doing since years for living. In the course Paris moved to Amsterdam and settled there. He is doing well in the city and earning substantial amount by playing game.

Now, talking about the income of Paris and Moorman, it is estimated that above half of the winning amount of both players has come from PokerStars platform. The achievements of Moorman and Paris are many and they have won number of online tournaments on PokerStars.

It is believed that the achievements of Paris and Moorman will soon be repeated by other poker players. And the player who is going to be the next one surpassing the mark of $10-million is Nicolas Fierro alias ‘PokerKaiser’. The other player who is about to touch with the winning of mark of Moorman and Paris is p0cket00 (On the Screen name) PokerKiaser has won the amount of $9,907,946 in online poker and P0cket00 has the recorded earnings of $9,804,030 from the same online poker platform.

Both, Moorman and Paris have become a role model for many poker players. Players are trying to touch their score and pro are busy in increasing the win amount.