All New Online Poker Website Comes To India

Poker Raj was introduced only a few weeks back to India’s online poker platform. Now, there is yet another company that’s all set to take the plunge. Caretel Infotech Limited is a software company and the latest one to join the mix. This outsourcing company recently launched its poker portal “Poker Johny” with a mission to expand its company’s portfolio of offerings. The website of the portal is registered to the CEO of Caretel, Rajesh Sehgal. The company was promoted by the Dalmia Group owner Sanjay Dalmia who is an ex-member of the Parliament of India and represents Uttar Pradesh. Dalmia has close connections with the founder Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Samajwadi Party member.

The Dalmia Group runs numerous sectors which include tobacco, textiles, and chemicals and so on. It is also a parent company to Delta Corp via a subsidiary as well as Viaan Industries. These two companies are known for operating online poker portals. Considering the uncertainty of poker mainly in India, there may be some hiccups, yet it is rising in popularity. There are many high profile games and celebrities who have placed their weight on poker and this, in turn, has helped for expansion. It is one of the viable businesses and lawmakers are consistently working to form a national response to the common questions raised on whether poker is gambling or pure luck.
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