Ylon Schwartz- A Brief History

Professional games are very much present, where few games are never a dull choice at all. One such game is Poker. Poker professional players include endless players, where Ylon Schwartz turns much familiar for his winning of his first bracelet in 2012. Schwartz is a chess master and also a professional Poker player from New York City. Playing Poker is his hobby, which he used to play online under the name Tenth Planet. Being nicknamed as Tenth Planet, Schwartz has won 11 careers WSOP cashes. Also, Schwartz turned out to be the 4th place finisher in 2008 World Series of Poker.

Former chess player:
To tell about his early days, Schwartz was a curious chess player for which he has won 2 dollars right for his first game itself while playing chess. Slowly, Schwartz turned out to be playing chess against passersby. Schwartz turned reaching the hit list of playing Chess when his ratings reached 2304 from USCF and 2259 from FIDE as of 2008. Moreover, Schwartz turned winning the title of FIDE Master with a ranking above 2300. Schwartz turned out leaving the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where he then started looking out his career in numerous places.

Schwartz joined as a special education assistant in a public school, where he started playing games like Chess. Later, he devoted his full time to play gambling on backgammon, chess, etc. Schwartz was introduced to play the Poker game by his fellow backgammon player. Schwartz entered a pair of Poker tournaments where he turned winning both the tournament in 2000 and walked away with pride and passion. Schwartz stated that the strategies followed in playing Chess helped him to play the Poker very successfully. It was the year 2012 where Schwartz won his pride winning bracelet in the 43rd annual World Series of Poker, prior to this, he has made highest finishes as well as 24 cashes.