Zoning Board To Hold Hearing On Poker Proposed Extension Of Poker-Relocation Deadline

At the request of 14 poker-arcade operators for an extension of the deadline to relocate, The Zoning Board has decided to carry out a hearing.

Presently, the poker arcades are in residential villages, which is not the place to have a poker platform. According to law, the operators had time off until Oct. 25, 2017 to move to those districts where poker parlors are allowed.
The hearing on this is scheduled is on Thursday, Jan. 18, and it will take place at the multi-purpose center and will start at 5 p.m.

According to the law, these are areas where poker arcades can move: mixed commercial and tourist resort districts on the lots abutting Beach Road from Chalan Msgr. Guerrero (Oleai) southward to Afetna Road (San Antonio), within the mixed commercial district on lots abutting Chalan Pale Arnold Road (Middle Road) from Chalan Msgr. Guerrero (Oleai) northward to Commonwealth Drive (north of the Taro Sue store).

The Poker arcades are permitted in the Beach Road zoning district (from Atkins Kroll northward to YCO Do It Best Hardware), the Garapan east (lots bounded by Beach Road, Orchid St., Micro Beach Road, and Chalan Pale Arnold), and the Garapan core (lots bounded by Beach Road, Orchid St., Micro Beach Road, and Coral Tree Avenue).

In addition to that, it is also a rule that poker parlors must remain 200 feet far from the churches, playgrounds, schools, other Laundromats and poker arcades.

The operator can operate within the core of Garapan, Beach Road, and Garapan east, tourist resort or mixed commercial zoning districts condition that they are in a hotel with over 20 rooms.

The fate of arcades present at not operating zone will get clear on the 18 of January. You can collect, update about the same over the internet.